Our Mission

Our mission is to help relieve homelessness by inspiring communities to make and donate sandwiches to emergency shelters.

Homelessness can affect anyone.

While its causes and outcomes may vary greatly for different people, we believe that we can help anyone facing this issue by helping them access the basic things we often take for granted.

Sometimes even something as simple as a sandwich can make a big difference for someone experiencing homelessness.

We do this by organizing sandwich making sessions with our schools, friends and families.

A group of people working together can accomplish more than an individual can alone. We believe that when we collaborate with our community, we will be better able to help it.

We do this because it brings us closer to our community.

The act of making and donating a sandwich is a simple gesture. However, we believe that from this simplicity, comes the rewarding feeling of directly helping another.

We hope that this feeling inspires others to give back to their community in whatever way is meaningful to them.